​​​​​​​​Outside School Hours Care

St Brigid’s OSHC provides the highest possible care and guidance for all children attending the program. It is through t​he dedication of all staff that an interesting and wonderful environment can be achieved.


An enrolment must be completed for each child attending the OSHC. It is the Parents responsibility to ensure the enrolment details are current and up to date.


St Brigid’s OSHC is a not for profit, self funded service. We rely on the prompt payment of fees to maintain effective and efficient o​​perations. Fees are to be paid IN ADVANCE at least fortnightly. 

Nerang OSHC Fee Schedule July 2023_1685936710.pdf

​The OSHC is operated by Catholic Early Ed Care​

​Please contact them directly for all enquiries on 0415 465 453