​St Brigid's students enjoy air-conditioned comfort in our bright and welcoming automated resource centre. They have access to a varied selection of fiction books catering for their ages and interests. Staff offer guidance and rec​ommendations to students whilst encouraging them to develop responsibility in their choice of books. The wide collection of quality curriculum related non-fiction and reference resources play a vital role in the development of students as independent lifelong learners.

St Brigid's Resource Centre actively promotes a love of literature by involving various classes in a number of activities throughout the year. These include book talks, a Book Fair, Book Week celebrations, a character parade, author visi​​ts, MS Readathon, Gold Coast Reader's Cup, attending the Somerset Celebration of Literature, Book Club and visiting the local library.

Childre​​n can visit the centre during 2nd break to read for leisure, play board games, educational computer games or do school related internet research.

We hav​​e a loyal group of parent volunteers who help with Book Club and book covering. We welcome any parents who wish to be involved in their school.


Children have the opportunity to borrow books during the scheduled class visiting time or during 2nd break each day. Teachers als​​o allow students additional opportunities to borrow. If children wish to borrow they must have a library bag or pillow case with a plastic bag or plastic lining inside them to protect books from water damage.

Annual ​Book Character​ Parade

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