Information Communication Learning Technologies

​Information Communicatio​​​​n Learning Technology (ICLT) is an integral part of learning at St Brigid's.

St Brigid’s has a​​​ state of the art Wi-Fi network in use throughout the school. This enables both staff and students instant access to safe online learning environments and the World Wide Web. 

Years 4, 5 and 6 are part of a 1:1 tablet program. As part of the program, each student has access to an Apple ipad which enhances their learning in all are​as of the Australian Curriculum. Having this capability allows teachers to integrate ICLT into the daily program by engaging students in innovative ways, creating new learning and teaching possibilities, enhancing assessment and extending interactions with local and global communities.  ​

Each class from Prep to Year 3 has a variety of devices and curriculum resources at their disposal.  Projectors and Apple TV are installed in all of our classrooms.  

At St Brigid’s, ICLT is used across the school as a tool to deliver whole class instruction, group lessons, individual projec​​ts and home learning tasks.  Many year levels have subscriptions to online educational programs, blogs, wikis and weeblies which allow teachers to drive learning in and outside of the classroom and to personalise learning for the students in their class.​